Butcher Bay writer Flint Dille penning Sin City game

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|10.18.07

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Red Mile Entertainment, fresh off of inflicting us with releasing the Jackass game, has now begun to stoke the fires of the hype machine for the upcoming adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City by announcing that Escape from Butcher Bay writer Flint Dille will "spearhead the design, scriptwriting, story generation, and overall production" for the tentatively titled Sin City: The Game. The upcoming game is the first of what appears to be several games based on Miller's film noir-style comics, with the Heroes of the Pacific and GripShift pub tying up the license with a multi-year, worldwide agreement earlier this year.

While little has been revealed about the upcoming Sin City game, Dille notes that both he and Frank Miller have been "having a party coming up with nasty stuff for the game," adding that the game will include familiar characters, as well as new faces, some of which will, according to Dille, "probably die horribly."

All said, while we want to be happy with this news, given our love of Butcher Bay, it's not as if Dille's record is spotless; he also had a hand in such rubbish as Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu and the ill-fated television adaptation of Garbage Pail Kids. It's said, however, that Miller trusts Dille and that the two are best buds, enough so that the storyteller in 300 is named "Dilios" after the writer. File that one away for your next round of Trivial Pursuit.
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