Bid for a role in Fable 2 at Child's Play dinner auction

Dan Dormer
D. Dormer|11.07.07

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Bid for a role in Fable 2 at Child's Play dinner auction
Sure, it's tough to break into video games, but what about actually being a digital, non-breathing, non-playable character part of a virtual world? Unless you're a celebrity, such as Kristen Bell, or an athlete like, uh ... Slash, average humans like us have little or no chance to ever be "Annoying Quest Giver #72" or "Dude I Jacked for Bonus Gold #19." However, there's still hope, thanks to Lionhead Studios and the Child's Play Charity.

At the Child's Play's Fundraiser Dinner Auction, Lionhead Studios will auction off, amongst other things, naming rights for five NPCs in their upcoming title, Fable 2. You could be a shopkeeper, farmer, "important" villager, monk, or quest giver, depending on if you can part with the necessary coinage (think of the children!). And while Joystiq writers can't accept bribes, if you wanted to use your winning bid to name a character in Fable 2 "Dan Dormer," I, errr, we wouldn't mind in the slightest. Now, would you kindly make that happen?
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