Yahtzee! Sprint announces prorated ETFs, all four US nationals now on board

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.08.07

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Yahtzee! Sprint announces prorated ETFs, all four US nationals now on board
So Sprint busted out this really lovey-dovey press release today basically going over all the ways it takes care of its customers -- how you can upgrade your phone at a discounted price if you've stuck with 'em for a while, how they monitor your plan to make sure you're on the best one for your usage, and so on -- but there were a couple gems in there that are new and notable. First off, Sprint has announced here that they're moving to prorated early termination fees, bringing it inline now with all three of the US' other national carriers. Like T-Mobile, it intends to flip the switch on that action in early 2008. Secondly, starting next Monday, customers won't need to re-up their contracts to switch plans (why this was ever a requirement with any carrier simply bewilders us). Finally, the carrier says it plans to announce some "reward programs" next year for subscribers that've stuck with Sprint through thick and thin. No details there, but if they're gonna do up some crazy awesome plans and upgrade discounts (even better ones than it already has, that is), we're all for it.

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