Panasonic's DMP-BD30 already making the rounds

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.15.07

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Panasonic's DMP-BD30 already making the rounds

Despite the fact that numerous websites have suggested that Panasonic's highly-anticipated, Profile 1.1-compatible DMP-BD30 is experiencing delays -- not to mention the fact that Amazon apparently thinks the release date is closer to December 1st than last week -- we're seeing reports that at least some Blu-ray aficionados already own one. Granted, these same threads also point out that finding one in-store seems to be a bit more difficult than landing one online, but nevertheless, it looks like Panny's $500 BD30 (also seen as the BD30K) is already available in some form or another. So, dear readers, what gives? Have any of you already had the pleasure of enjoying a few films on a shiny new DMP-BD30, or are all these so-called early adopters just blowing smoke?

Update: A number of our readers have successfully snagged this player (even in-store). If you've been waiting, now's the time!

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