New Coded Soul details arise

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Andrew Yoon
December 1st, 2007
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New Coded Soul details arise
New Coded Soul details arise

The upcoming Coded Soul has us intrigued. We enjoyed both Monster Summoner and Folklore, and we can't wait to see what this original PSP adventure has in store. IGN has unearthed a few more details. The story: "In Coded Soul, you play as Jay, a soldier who travels to the world of Idea to save his girlfriend, May. The army has been conducting research into Monolith Gate, the door to the world of Idea. That door is controlled by Gale, a young boy who gives Jay a special power as he travels to the other side."

Randomly generated dungeons hold a hundred monsters to capture and use. Players can't stay in dungeons forever, given a time limit that restricts their stay. By sending items back and forth from Folklore on PS3, players will unlock new quests.

Sony will publish the game in February in Japan.
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