The Daily Grind: I'll take one box of fug, please

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The Daily Grind: I'll take one box of fug, please
Yesterday, Games Radar ran a piece on the ugliest video game box art of 2007, which got me to thinking about some of the MMO boxes sitting up on the shelf next to my desk. Now, one of the earliest things that ever drew my best friend into EverQuest so long ago was the presence of a hottie blond elf babe on the cover. Being a dutiful friend, I joined him -- and I have to admit, she's definitely not hard on the eyes. Since then we've seen a lot of box art across the genre; some truly excellent, some utterly pathetic.

This morning, we'd like to ask what your personal choices for best and worst MMO box art are? For me, best would be hard to pick because I really love fantasy art and I think there are some talented artists doing MMO boxes on that side. That said, I can pick worst out pretty easily. My personal worst would have to go to the person who did the box for Fury. I'm probably going to get some hate for kicking them when they're down, but to be honest, the box design was poor from any standpoint other than being prophetic. For those of you who haven't seen it, take a gander at it above. It looks like it borrowed heavily from the Lord of the Rings Online in it's fire-on-brown theme, but whereas the LotRO box has the ring any fan knows and loves, and the helm faded into the background. The Fury box art has a great big flaming F on the cover, the title, a quote, and some overall blah elements. As far as generating excitement that makes one think of PvP butt-kicking, that certainly isn't it.

So what do you think? Are you equally as fond of hottie elf chicks, or do you prefer the stark name only on your game box? Perhaps you think the hot chick on the cover is overdone and would rather see something new altogether for MMO box art?
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