Cinemassively: Ugly Goblin's Christmas

Moo Money
M. Money|12.26.07

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Yesterday, we highlighted the 3rd place winner in the Warcraftmovies Christmas Spirit Machinima Contest. Today brings us the 2nd place entry, Ugly Goblin's Christmas. It is a World of Warcraft spin on an old classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. While the story may not be original, with the help of an original soundtrack and strong editing, it is still quite moving.

Firebolt Productions tells the tale of a lonely goblin, Kryll, who is the subject of mockery among the town's children. To exact his revenge, he plants an evil gift under the town Christmas tree. However, at the last minute, he has a change of heart. Will he get there in time? How will he be treated?

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