Detective Conan detects a sequel

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David Hinkle
December 27th, 2007
Detective Conan detects a sequel
Namco has dropped news that it will be bringing Detective Conan 2 to the DS come sometime next year and is based on the popular manga and anime in Japan. But, wait, what about Detective Conan? Why haven't we heard about the first game?

Well, it was apparently a loose collection of minigames much like those found in the Brain Age games, which could possibly understand how it flew below our radar. The sequel, however, is going to be a more substantial game, with an honest-to-goodness story and will even have Wi-Fi Connect compatibility for up to four players. According to Siliconera, however, the gameplay is going to be very reminiscent of another Namco title in Quickspot, where the player will have to spot differences between pictures in the top screen and bottom screen of the DS.

The title is currently slated for a spring 2008 release in Japan and be sure to keep an eye on DS Fanboy for information as it develops.
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