Writers Guild strike might help video game industry

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Writers Guild strike might help video game industry
Has the Writers Guild of America strike got you down? Are you despondent when watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother? Depressed about the short season of Heroes? Well turn around, bright eyes -- at least the WGA strike hasn't slowed the production of video games; in fact, the strike might be helping the industry, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The few video game writers who are members of the WGA aren't affected by the current strike (aside from possibly getting some competition from their fellow striking writers). However, the Hollywood Reporter says that the gaming industry is improving due to the lack of original television programming, which has inspired more people to play video games in their spare time. Personally, we've used our time away from our TiVos to work on our cross-stitching. Have you been playing more games due to the the deluge of reruns?
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