Halo celeb victim of repeated account hacks, Xbox Live "customer support"

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Paul Miller
December 31st, 2007
Halo celeb victim of repeated account hacks, Xbox Live "customer support"

We know customer support reps have a lot on their plates -- especially those responsible for answer the queries of 13-year-old Halo mavens protesting supposed hackers stealing all their kills -- but it looks like the Xbox Live support staff is dropping the ball on this particular issue. Pro gamer Skyllus vBi, a member of pro gaming group Team vBi, was awarded some super-rare "Recon Armor" by Bungie staff a few months ago for his entertaining method of suicide depicted in a popular online video. Naturally, his account became an immediate target for hackers, and they didn't have much trouble swiping his info. Turns out there's a bit of a flaw in the phone support system that allows a hacker to use social engineering to sweet talk account details out of a customer support rep without much hassle. Skyllus has had this particular attack performed on his account three times so far, and is having a bear of a time working it out with Xbox Live support staff. Not only is his precious armor in jeopardy from attacks like this, but all the credit card info and other personal details stored on a Xbox Live / Windows Live account. Stir in some of the login and account retrieval woes that many users have been experience of late and you've got a recipe for some much-needed intervention over in Redmond.

[Via Joystiq; thanks to everyone who sent this in]
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