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Jobs and Apple not out of the Options scandal woods yet

Scott McNulty

The Wall Street Journal has the best summary (subscription maybe required) of the Apple options backdating scandal that I have read to date. They take a look at Apple's filings and point that that Steve 'recommended the selection of some favorable grant dates,' though he was not involved in the improper backdating of options which he was granted. The WSJ also talks to a number of experts about what this could mean for Apple and everyone's favorite iCEO.

I also found out, thanks to this article, that some options that Pixar granted to employees are also under investigation. Steve didn't receive any of those, but they were all granted while he was CEO of Pixar.

Remember folks, just because Apple's internal investigation says that His Steveness has done nothing wrong that doesn't mean that the Feds aren't going to take a look for themselves. This story is far from over.

[via Blogging Stocks]

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