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Pharos announces GPS Phone -- no really, that's the name

Ryan Block, @ryan

Pharos, another up and coming gadget company has taken the next step for its GPS device lineup by jumping into the phone space, and rebadging that ETEN device (you know, the much discussed X500 glofiish, aka OX500). Dubbed GPS Phone (we really think calling it The GPS Phone would be much more potent), it's got all the specs we knew this phone was packing, including: SiRFStarIII GPS receiver (duh) with Pharos Ostia nav software, quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE (sigh), WiFi, Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera, FM radio (o rly!), and a friggin fat $699 price tag. Now, we're not necessarily saying $700 for a GPS-equipped Pocket PC is too much, but we really do wish they could have shaved $5 off the top of that margin and dropped in a damned UMTS / HSDPA radio, you know? Ah well, SIM unlocked and yours come February. More pics after the break.

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