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Siren's Screamer, another new home audio streaming solution

Ryan Block, @ryan

Siren, a gadget company helmed by ex-Rio employees that's flown largely under the radar, is launching two new home media streaming devices (oh yay), both due in early March. The Screamer pushes audio around on the crowded 2.4GHz spectrum at bitrates of up to 1.536Mbps, moving tracks from your Windows PC (sorry, Mac users) to your stereo up to 150 feet away via, controlled by its old school looking wireless remote. If the $130 price tag didn't convince you that it's not exactly a high end solution, the pair of RCA stereo jacks and a single 1/8th-inch stereo connector might better demonstrate that this is really more of a casual use device. Also announced: accompanying Siren Wireless Headphones, which not only pull down audio from your Screamer streamer, but can also talk back to your PC with Skype, thanks to a built-in mic. If sound quality is of concern, they operate between 20Hz - 20kHz, with 32 Ohm impedence, and 110dB sensitivity; the cans should last you up to 5 hours with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and run $99. Click on for more shots.

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