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MindArk claims $179,668 spent on trio of Entropia virtual properties


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MindArk has revealed the winning bids for three of Entropia Universe's virtual mall properties that were auctioned off late last month. One bidder, identified as 'Onkel RobRoy Bob,' purchased two of the malls, Twin Peaks and Emerald Lakes, for a total of $109,601. The third mall was picked up by 'Epsilon Eps Vaz,' an alleged 19-year-old from the UK, for $70,067. The real-world identities of the supposed buyers were not fully revealed in the official press release.

MindArk's press releases, this latest included, are often met with skepticism. Entropia has long been accused of being an alluring scam, despite reports (often published by MindArk) of players' economic successes. Whatever the case, there are many of us spending money on the game, and very few of us making any back. But ain't that always the case...

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