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Adventures in Beta: Mr. Pinchy saves fishing


Fishing is widely considered the most boring secondary profession. You sit there, you wait for the bob, you click. You sit there, you wait for the bob, you click. The most you usually get are lucrative stonescale eels and the occasional bolt of runecloth. But sometimes, fishing can throw up something so awesome you have to bow down to its glory.

Enter Mr. Pinchy.

Roopert of the "OMG Zone Out" guild fished up a Mr. Pinchy in a deserted area of Outlands in November. Mr. Pinchy, named after Homer's pet lobster from the Simpsons, grants the bearer three wishes on a two-day cooldown. The wishes can turn out good ... or very, very bad. On the good side, you can receive a crawdad non-combat pet, a "Benevolent Mr. Pinchy" temporary combat pet, a box of potions, or a free two-hour death-proof 1200 health buff! If Mr. Pinchy is not in a good mood, however, you might have to fight a level 60 or 70 version of him.

I'm glad that Blizzard is throwing some neat, funny stuff into professions like fishing -- and I may have to get a Mr. Pinchy of my own someday when I really need that 1200 health.

(Note: I know the picture is of Dr. Zoidberg. I couldn't find a Mr. Pinchy screencap, and more Dr. Zoidberg is always a good thing.)

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