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Subversion to deploy procedural city generator

Ross Miller

In an update to the development diary, Introversion's Chris Delay discussed the use of procedural generation in the upcoming Subversion. Delay describes the tool as "utterly crucial to companies like Introversion and basically ignored by the bigger boys in favour of banks of expensive artists ... the secret weapon that most developers have yet to (re)discover." He provides preliminary work as to how cities will be created using procedural generation in both picture and video format.

Procedural content is a new buzzword in the developer world, whereby programmers use mathematical algorithms instead of artists to create aspects of their game. Games using this technique include .kkrieger, Roboblitz, and most notably Will Wright's upcoming Spore. The process, however, can be taxing on a CPU, but also tailored to the hardware so that the same code can create different levels of desired detail.

Very little is known about the game other than it has been planned since before the company's acclaimed Darwinia and DEFCON. Delay notes that the lack of information is intentional so as to not build excessive hype.

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