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Gamerscore: rewards points for "nerd cred"


GameDaily has an interesting article up about Gamerscore. Speaking to Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg and CliffyB, GameDaily's Paul Hyman discusses the unexpectedly huge reception of Gamerscore from consumers. Greenberg -- who knows about cred -- admits that Gamerscore has become much bigger than the 360 team originally imagined it would, as Gamerscore has become a mark of pride among many 360 owners. The article notes the unusual nature of Gamerscore, in that the points cannot be redeemed in any way and are purely for bragging rights. As CliffyB puts it, "It's nerd cred, man!" We have to admit, Gamerscore has changed the way we play games. We spend more time with games than we would before (damn you, LEGO Star Wars II!) and in some cases play games we wouldn't have played otherwise. Even bad games have a bright side now: "at least I'll get some Achievements."

We certainly aren't Gamerscore whores, but Achievements act as a nice incentive to play. In fact, Gamerscore even dissuades us from playing backwards compatible games (and games for other consoles) because it seems less productive. What about you, does Gamerscore dictate your playing habits?

[Via Joystq]

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