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LaCie lets loose a pile of new products


Getting the jump on the CES and Macworld madness, LaCie has announced no less than a half dozen new products providing various sorts of external storage, with a pair of speakers thrown in for good measure. Likely to grab the most attention is the company's new external Blu-ray burner, compatible with Mac and Windows and packing dual USB and FireWire ports for your connectivity pleasure; it's set to ship later this month with a $1,149 price tag. On the hard drive-based front, LaCie's busted out the 500GB LaCie Quadra Hard Drive (available now for $299), the biometric-enhanced 500GB LaCie D2 SAFE Hard Drive (also now available for $299), the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini and Ethernet Big Disk network storage solutions, available in a range of sizes from 250GB to 1TB for between $199 and $499, and the LaCie Ethernet Disk RAID, which'll give you up to 2TB of storage for $1,299. Lastly, LaCie's announced what appear to be the first bus-powered FireWire speakers, which will supposedly provide better sound than their USB-based counterparts while still letting you leave the AC adapter at home -- they'll set you back $79.

[Via MacMinute]

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