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The Cloud offers UK PSP users radio access via WiFi

Darren Murph

While Sony's PSP hasn't seen all of the bizarre add-ons and proposed features become reality, there are quite a few that have indeed been realized, and just in case those PSP Spot downloads aren't keep you blokes in England happy, we've got one more reason that it pays to tote around that handheld. The Cloud, a major wireless hotspot provided in Europe, has teamed up with Channel 4 Radio to deliver 4Radio programming to PSP users via WiFi. Purportedly launched to coincide with the beginning of Celebrity Big Brother, PSP users who come into a Cloud coverage area will have access to a special link on the browser's landing page that will connect them to the radio content free of charge, but browsing other sites will unfortunately require you to pony up for the convenience. Moreover, users can even access and download 4Radio podcasts, so you won't miss a single show for the rest of, um, the next two months, as that's when this svelte promotion is (sadly) scheduled to cease.

[Thanks, Jake]

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