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Child's Play raises over one million dollars


In the past four years, Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity has raked in the kind of money that can only be visualized as a gargantuan, green pile of bills. This year, however, marks a special milestone -- $1,000,000. That's when people look up, alarms sound and bloggers put down their lassos of lethargy. It's a really big pile, one worthy of a spirited round of applause.

To be exact, $1,024,400.31 went towards children who find themselves trapped in deliberately uninteresting hospital hallways. Books, toys, video games and consoles are just some of the items purchased through Amazon wishlists this year. The annual Penny Arcade auction dinner contributed a tidy $210,000, with an appearance in an upcoming comic strip fetching $10,000 at the event.

Other items of interest at the dinner auction:

  • A Halo 3 voice-over opportunity called for $9,000.
  • A DS and Wii package signed by Reggie? $3,700.
  • A tour of Penny Arcade HQ sold for $2,700.
  • An Xbox 360 signed by J. Allard went for $1,200.
Well done, Penny Arcade, and kudos to the classy human beings who contributed to their efforts.

(So, two million next year, right?)

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