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Shure shows off its new SE210, SE310, SE420 and SE530 earphones


Those audio crazies over at Shure have some new ear candy for you, of the in-the-ear variety. The four new SE headphones weigh about an ounce apiece, and should all do a plenty good job at sound isolation. In the "low end" are the SE210 cans, which retail for $150 and feature a single (read: boring) Hi-Definition MicroSpeaker for kicking out the highs and lows. Next up are the SE310 rockers, which feature a "Tuned BassPort" for enhancing the lows, but'll cost you $250 for the privilege. The SE420 headphones bump it up to the next level, with dedicated tweeter and woofers for a more accurate and a hefty $350 pricetag, while the SE530 crank it to 11 with dual woofers and an internal crossover to keep those highs and lows for bumping into each other. Of course, the $450 pricetag is rather x-treem, and you'll probably need ears of gold to discern some of the differences, but you audiophiles know who you are. An optional push-to-hear accessory is available for all four headphones to let you tune into the outside world when it suites you. You can pick one of these up in February, start saving those pennies.

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