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Niveus Media Center CableCARD Support

Ben Drawbaugh

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If there is one thing we can't wait for it's the ability to record premium HD content on our PCs. While this has evaded us until now, with Vista right around the corner and Niveus on the job, it shouldn't be long now. While there are still many questions, we learned a little more. The Niveus Digital Cable tuner will be a separate component and compatible with all their Media Centers including the latest rainer (pictured) and previous models. According to Niveus, in order to upgrade your box with CableCARD they will have to make it "New" again to comply with CableLABS requirements. You'll send in your unit for a few software upgrades including Windows Vista, which will make it "new". The add-on does support dual CableCARDS, but no word on M-Card support, which isn't a big deal considering their limited ability. As excited as we are we understand that Niveus products aren't for everyone and we look forward to checking out CableCARD compatibility for the rest of us.

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