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Samsung announces three new multiformat DVD recorders

Omar McFarlane

It seems that product releases come in sets of threes for Samsung, in addition to the three new up-converters just revealed, it is also announcing three new multi format DVD recorders: the DVD-R157, DVD-VR357, and DVD-AVR950 (pictured above). All three share a similar feature set: EZ Record which allows for one-step recording to a DVD RAM/-R/-RW/+R/+RW, HDMI 1.3, the ability to upconvert video up to 1080i, and progressive scan. The main differences are that the R157 adds control for a cable box, while the R357 has a built-in 4 head HI-FI VCR and supports DivX playback. if you don't want to compromise, the AVR950 combines all the features of the both those models and adds both an ATSC tuner (for watching OTA HDTV broadcasts) and HDMI port. All are slated for release in Q1.

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