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Adventures in Beta: Holy whomping axe, Batman!


Oh, man, and you thought the Arcanite Reaper was classic. Jones, of the guild Paradox on Eredar, posted this image today, and the forums have been set alight with speculation on whether this is a real item or a clever fake.

The full story is that someone called Ronnie claims to have datamined up Illidan's loot table. Now, datamining is bad and wrong, but that doesn't stop people from doing it and then posting the information for everyone to see (how do you think the Tier 5 graphics got out there?) Aside from the "Betrayer's Spaulders", the "Quel'Dorei Greatstaff of Destruction", the "Soulslayer" and Illidan's head, Ronnie's screenshots show a 156.2 DPS legendary axe called "Grom'ogh, Edge of Hellscream." This bad boy has 82 strength, 74 stamina, a 35 hit rating and an 80 crit rating. Not only that, but it also grants the wielder immunity to fear and has a chance on hit to increase attack power by 700 and make you immune to stun and movement impairing effects.

Detractors say the item can't be real - it's too powerful, the immunity to fear is ridiculous, Illidan may not die at the end of the Black Temple, and how would Illidan get Grom's axe anyway? Other people note that the model of the axe is unique, it doesn't look photoshopped, and 156 DPS weapons are completely within the realm of possibility in the expansion.

Is it real or is it fake? If it is real, who should use it and will the immunity to fear be game-breaking in PVP? If it's fake, what kind of legendary SHOULD Illidan drop?

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