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Dungeon Explorer leads trio of VC Monday releases

Kyle Orland

Apparently the "funky things" holding up the Wii virtual console release of TurboGrafx-16 classic Dungeon Explorer have been fixed. The game will be available for download today at 9 a.m. Pacific, along with the space shooters Gradius (NES -- 500 points) and Soldier Blade (TG-16 -- 600 points). In other virtual console news, the ESRB web site shows a listing for a Wii version of the SNES' Contra: The Alien Wars (E10+), adding to a sizable list of other ESRB-rated but yet-to-be-released throwbacks.

While we're happy to consider these NES and TurboGrafx games, we can't help but wonder why there haven't been more Nintendo 64 releases on the virtual console thus far. True, there aren't many real classics for the 64-bit system, but let's face it, Urban Champion isn't anything to write home about either. Mario Tennis anyone?

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