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iPhone photo leak? No, just a calculator that looks like an iPod.


Confirmed -- It isn't a phone.

Reader "Space Taker" pointed us to's gallery of images from a recent Audi advertising shoot rife with Apple gear (iPod, MacBook Pro, Cinema Display) and noted an interesting object sitting in the desktop paper tray. With only 41 hours until showtime, why not indulge in some visual speculation? Not to mention, the Audi Q7 is niiiiiiice.

OK, it is white, and vaguely phone-shaped... to my eyes, it looks more like a programmable remote control than a Jonathan Ive-designed phone, but I may be jaded, skeptical and cranky. Perhaps it's a placeholder for the real iPhone and they'll just fix it in post.

Update 8:24 am ET: Thanks to sharp-eyed reader Brian, we have a leading candidate for the ID of the mystery bar: a Brookstone calculator, which just happens to come with the pen holder and calendar also visible in the full image. The design of the calculator appears strongly iPod-influenced, but a cellphone it ain't.

Thanks Space Taker and Brian!

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