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Nokia upgrades N93 with N93i

Chris Ziegler

Calling the N93i an "upgrade" over the N93 might actually be a bit heavy handed. Though the monster clamshell gains S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 on its predecessor and shaves a solid 3.2 millimeters of thickness, virtually every other change is more of a sidegrade than anything else. The keypad ditches that pesky third dimension to take on a RAZR-esque etched metal look (a first for a Nokia device), the front gets a mirrored finish with a concealed 128 x 36 OLED display, and software for photo / video blogging to the newly-minted Vox service. Granted, the mods add up to something a little meatier than your average Internet or Music Edition, but N93 owners are still probably best off hanging onto their wallets here. Non-owners, though, well... that's another story entirely; you folks can get your N93i on before the quarter's out for €600 (about $785).

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