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Could the keynote turn ugly?


Leander Kahney is concerned for the safety of Macworld attendees; he posted his (hopefully somewhat tongue-in-cheek) prediction of a riot at the keynote over on the Cult of Mac Wired blog. With expectations for product announcements running so insanely high, the only outcome he can see is disappointment.

It's no secret that keynote crowds can turn ugly. If you watch the video above, from the infamous "Big Brother" 1997 keynote, you'll hear a sound at the 4:50 mark (when SJ introduces El Bill) that can only be described as "booplause." I was at that keynote, and it was just as uncomfortable as it sounds on the tape.

Are Apple fans really that prone to misbehavior when we don't get the fresh gear and shiny goodness we crave? I'm sure that everyone will be well-behaved this year -- except maybe for one guy in the back yelling "BINGO!" during the Photoshop CS3 demo.

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