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Ford Airstream hydrogen-powered concept: automobile or space capsule?


You know how we like to get our tricked out transportation on, and if we can emit a little less carbon in the process, so much the better. Autoblog Green has the scoop and a bunch of shots of this Ford Airstream concept car unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, which switches over to a hydrogen fuel cell when its battery charge dips below 40 percent (not that this would help you much anytime soon, unless you happen to live in Iceland). Still, if we manage to outlast global warming long enough to actually see this unit in production, it'll come decked out with a 360-degree video screen viewable from all passenger seats in the vehicle that, when you're not busy watching DVDs, can enhance your trip with a lava lamp effect or a range of other "moods." There's also a Sharp dual-view screen smack dab in the middle of the instrument panel so the driver and front-seat passenger can view a feed from the onboard camera. We hope to see this concept one day turn to reality, as we're totally convinced there's a market out there for those gull-wing doors... somewhere (alas, poor De Lorean!).

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