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Linksys announces HomePlug AV PowerLine adapter

Omar McFarlane

Linksys announced the PowerLine AV Ethernet Kit, its first HomePlug AV release. The bundle includes two PLE200 PowerLine AV Ethernet adapters and companion cables, and allows data to flow around your house as fast as 100Mbps (as in Ethernet, theoretically enough to support HD streams). Currently a HomePlug AV network will support up to 16 devices, and can "combat electrical noise generated by appliances, electronic [products] and halogen lights." A quick refresher for those unfamiliar with the concept, PowerLine allows you to create a home network via electrical outlets rather than running CAT-5 cables up and down the stairs. You plug any internet ready device into one adapter, and connect the other adapter to your router, plug both adapters into a wall socket, and like magic you've got internets. It is backwards compatible with PowerLine 1.0 (a sigh of relief for early adopters) and the kit and additional adapters are available now for your enjoyment.

[Via Crave]

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