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Maple Story headed to the DS

Jason Wishnov

The online aspect of the DS is, though not without its flaws, a rapidly growing and very successful service. And while connecting to several players around the globe is all well and dandy, it was uncertain if the tiny handheld had the capabilities to support a true MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game). Allay your fears, nobles! South Korean publisher Nexon has announced a DS version of their popular casual MMO Maple Story, which to our knowledge appears to be a cross between a side-scrolling action game and a traditional RPG.

Can you imagine if something like WoW was portable? People could have social lives and play the game at the same time! Maple Story might not be on the same level as those over in Azeroth, but it's a good start. Also, check out Maple Story's trailer, which might just be the greatest video game trailer of all time. Seriously.

[Thanks, Eric!]

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