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New TI DLP light engine for slim HDTVs

Ben Drawbaugh

In the world of HD bigger is almost always better, but not when you are talking about depth or weight. As much as we love to debate the merits of each display technology, but the form factor really distinguishes them apart from one another. The most popular form factor is the flat panel TV so it stands to reason that everyone else would love to loose the thickness and Texas Instruments has a new solution for DLPs that will bring them a few inches closer to flat panel TVs. The new SLIM light engine has slimmed this 65" to approximatly 10 inches, which makes it slim enough to hang on the wall, it uses solid-state LED illumination and has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1. No details on pricing or availability, more pictures after the jump.

All the connections are on the side where they are easy to access.

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