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Razer introduces Mako 2.1 ground plane speaker system


Razer has recently introduced the Mako 2.1 speaker system at CES, whose claim to innovation is its ability to use a desk surface to increase output as well as smooth-over sound response. Unsurprisingly, Razer is keen to cite its device's THX-certification: specifically it features THX's Ground Plane and Slot Speaker technologies which create a sound space that's more spacious than usual. The slightly more solid specs on the Mako are as follows: 50 Watts per channel, a frequency range of 30-20,000 Hz, and an amplified headphone jack on the wired remote control. If you take a step back to the fluffy specs, you'll see -- but probably not care -- that it also has something called "ClassHD" technology that scales power in sync with the music. As we've said time and time before, we're not audiophiles, so we'll just out our view on the Mako 2.1 and be done with it: this is one odd looking speaker system.

[Via Fareastgizmos]

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