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Sony goes bling with new Champagne Gold [Update 1]


While us Americans have been stuck with black PSPs since its launch nearly two years ago, Japan has been collecting more and more unique colors. The newly revealed "Champagne Gold" PSP will hit Japan on February 22nd for the standard PSP price of 20,790 yen (~$175US).

This is, coincidentally, when Monster Hunter Portable 2nd comes out, the most wanted PSP game in Japan. As with Tales of the World and Metal Gear Solid, Sony will bundle the new system color with the highly anticipated game into a special package, which will undoubtedly include some other collectibles. The premium package will go for 26,000 yen (~$218).

[Via Playstation]

[Update 1: More details on the Monster Hunter bundle after the cut. Additional details via IGN.]

The Monster Hunter pack will include a case and a cleaner, as well as some skins to put on your gold PSP (but why?). Only 22,222 bundles will be sold, making it a real collector's item. We'll see if this boosts PSP sales across the Pacific. The gold system is available for pre-order at Play-Asia.

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