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The roll-up USB chess set


Many a USB-powered gadget hath crossed the Engadget editing desk, yet we simply cannot rest until we're convinced that every single manufactured object has its obverse USB-powered version. Luckily, Tech Digest managed to uncover the D-isomer of ye olde chess set in this roll-up portable set with sensors on each of the squares so your computer can track the moves you make. You can get your Kasparov on and play against the computer (and get hints if you can't take the heat), or go head-to-head with another human via online multiplayer mode. Despite the fact that we're hard-pressed to come up with a compelling reason to allow this unit to waste precious luggage space when there's no shortage of options for simply playing chess online on via a desktop app, we'll still give you +3 to nerd cred for owning one.

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