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Intel strikes back: hits Transmeta with its own lawsuit


Apparently Transmeta isn't the only one that feels like they just give and give in this relationship. Intel's decided that Transmeta has swiped a few too many of its technologies, and is suing the struggling microprocessor company for patent infringement. Transmeta's infringement suit against Intel is still ongoing, claiming eleven of its patents are being stepped on by big bad Intel's Core, Core 2 and Pentium chips. Intel claims the "doctrine of unclean hands," basically a "they did it first!" sort of defense, and its also ratting on Transmeta for "inequitable conduct" for purported withholding of information by inventors during the patent application process. With Transmeta on its last legs, and fully transformed into an intellectual property-only company, perhaps Intel is hoping the law fees can wipe up the rest of Transmeta's capital, but we'd rather believe it's just back to playground tactics.

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