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Audiovox booth tour


We stopped by the Audiovox booth to check out what it and its small fleet of partner brands have been up to. They may not have been sporting a gigundo LCD tower or anything, but they certainly did what they could with a big flying yellow hyperbolic donut thingy. Join us after the break for some highlights from the tour.

We triple dog dare ya!

To the Jensenmobile, Batman!


Because your vehicle is nothing without at least 7 screens.

Woofers, tweeters and faceplates, oh my!

The Audiovox booth was voted "Best place for another company to have a meeting"

Fake book speakers serve the dual purpose of pumping audio into your home and making you appear well-read.

Distracting drivers since 1965.

Because 1080p is best enjoyed stoned.

Your xm2go got up and went.

The Tom Cruise player (girl not included).

Just in case you want to watch a DVD from the trunk.

Now with more versatile.

Orlando Bloom? Totally checking us out.

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