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LodgeNet HD reaches 17,000 hotel rooms, offers HD VOD

Darren Murph

If you're going to travel, you might as well travel right. While LodgeNet made some stout promises concerning its rollout of HDTV services in 2006, it seems the company is actually following through, as it recently announced that its Signature HDTV services had been "contracted to over 80,000 hotel rooms and was deployed to more than 17,000 already." Additionally, those lucky enough to land a room with this luxury will notice that "around 20-percent" of the films on demand are of the HD variety. Although the size and model of the HDTV can vary from room to room, it's tough to complain about a widescreen flat-panel television that's pumpin' out 1080i when you're on the road, and just think, seeing "Free HBO" used to be all it took to swerve over to a given hotel. Kudos for raising that bar, LodgeNet.

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