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IGN picks PS3 as best new console of 2006

Blake Snow

Hell froze over. We've got some positive Sony news today. IGN has picked the PS3 as the best new console of 2006 despite its lackluster launch and widespread criticism. Even though there were only two new consoles to choose from and despite its lack of games, IGN says the PS3 wins the best console award on potential alone:

"Judging the consoles based upon a broad perspective that includes software now available and coming in the future an entirely different argument could be formulated. However, from a hardware perspective, the PS3 is by far the more interesting console. Though the launch software hasn't blown anyone away, the 360's launch titles were equally unimpressive, and the system will certainly mature. Sony's embrace of the PS3 as a computer rather than just a console, and the availability of supported Linux distributions for the console will also develop and will likely bear entirely unexpected fruit in future."

It's refreshing to see someone play Devil's Advocate, but that reads like IGN's best new computer award, not best console award. Hardware, Linux distros ... sounds exciting! Anyone else stoked for the PS3's future potential?

[Thanks, Phil]

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