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iOPS unveils DMB-equipped N7 NEO navigation system

Darren Murph

It looks like iOPS' X11 wasn't the only showstopper at the firm's modest CES booth, as the sexy N7 NEO caught more than a few glimpses with it's sleek, metallic frame and sharp, 7-inch LCD. This NAV sports a 800 x 480 resolution, dual-core CPU (saywha?), "dual touch sensor pad LED light," SiRF Star III GPS module, FM radio tuner, games / car diary manager, SD card reader, wireless remote, and even a rear view camera option. Built on Windows CE 4.2, you'll also find MP3, movie, and photo playback functions, not to mention the MS Office viewing capabilities and turn-by-turn directions. While there's no official word on pricing, we can't envision such a well appointed unit coming in cheap, but you can find out for certain when this lands next month.

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