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Team Xtender announces component to VGA adapter box


Its multi-console-connecting component cable has yet to make it out of "preview mode," but the folks at Team Xtender already seem to have another component-centered video game accessory in the bag, now showing off their XCM Multi-cable V2 PC Monitor Adapter. As that mouthful of a name suggests, the little black box will take the component end of the included multi-headed component cable (or presumably any other component cable) and convert it into a VGA signal by the time it reaches the monitor plugged into the other end of the box. Team Xtender has also been thoughtful enough to include a second port and a handy switch for those that still want use their monitor for computing duties. As with their component cable, however, they haven't spilled any details on pricing or availability just yet, although they are happy to sign up anyone willing to sell 'em.

[Thanks, WunSick]

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