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Microsoft says "over half" of 360 buyers didn't own Xbox 1

Blake Snow

There's over a 50% chance that if you own a 360, you didn't own the first Xbox. Well, according to Microsoft that is. "We've sold 10.4 million, but the stat you may not have heard is that over half of those sales are from people that didn't own an Xbox 1," said Microsoft manager, Chris Satchell while speaking with Eurogamer. He continued by saying, "There's lots of new people coming in ... What we're actually finding is that our customer set is broadening." Blue ocean strategy (read: market expansion) is so hot right now.

The article goes on to slightly criticize Satchell's growth remarks, however, questioning what we know as 10.4 million units sold to retailers by Microsoft the wholesaler and not directly to consumers. Nevertheless, 10.4 million is a solid feat with the obvious caveat being the company ultimately needs end consumers to buy more 360's which equates to repeat sales to retailers. So for any 360 owners in the room who didn't also own an Xbox 1, please say "I."

[via Kotaku]

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