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Breakfast Topic: Where's your hearthstone?

Mike Schramm

Well duh, it's in your bags, of course. But more importantly: where's it set?

We've covered this one before, but that was before we had a whole other continent full of inns and towns to bind ourselves to. While I used to be bound to Grom'Gol, I went ahead and switched my stone to Thrallmar (right across from Honor Hold for you Alliance) for easy access, as well as a quick exit back into Outland after I finish training (since there's no trainers in Outland).

But as soon as I hit 62 or so, I figure I'll have outgrown the good ol' HP (Hellfire Peninsula, to those of you still in Azeroth). So where to? If you've made your way into the mid 60s, where's your stone set? And if you beta players have insights for us too, have at it.

[ Thanks, Tim, for the suggestion! ]

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