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Corsair bumps BCD-equipped Flash Readout drives to 4GB / 8GB

Darren Murph

Sure, your USB thumb drive might not be the most fanciful mainstay in your knapsack, but just in case you like a dash of style even on the most diminutive of items, Corsair's got that covered. Upping the capacity of its Flash Readout USB 2.0 drives, the company is now offering 4GB and 8GB flavors to augment the 1GB and 2GB variety already available, but everything else is remaining the same. You'll still find that swank Bi-stable Cholesteric Display (BCD), the ability to write 11-characters of your own text, and a graphical / textual representation of just how much room is left on your drive. We hope you didn't expect such niceties to run you cheap, however, as the CMFUSBREADOUT-4GB will set you back $89.99, with the CMFUSBREADOUT-8GB demanding a stiff $169.99.

[Via TGDaily]

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