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Video: Boston Legal "Three Steves" speech


If you caught this week's episode of the silly-but-sultry ABC comedy Boston Legal, you probably remember Alan Shore (James Spader) giving an interesting closing argument while trying to get his colleague Denny Crane (William Shatner) off the TSA's "no-fly list." Shore cited the iPod as evidence of America's technological prowess, and suggested that TSA should ask innovative thinkers to step up and fix the problem of barring innocent people from planes.

It's lovely to see that Steve Jobs' influence on Disney/ABC has led to this sort of interstitial advertising praising Apple products in the middle of a show... but seriously: the top three tech innovators are "Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Steve BALLMER" -- are you kidding me? Time to sic Fake Steve on this guy and get him straightened out.

Update: Fixed some mismatched HTML to restore the post text.

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