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Edgies: Stickies on the Edge

Mat Lu

It seems like I am always looking for an alternative to Stickies. Although I like how simple they are, at the same time they just don't seem to fit that well into my workflow. Today I found a new candidate which looks rather promising: Edgies. Its main feature is, as you can see to the right, the ability stick its notes as little tabs on any edge of your screen. But in addition, if you hover over the tab name the note content will pop up, without a click. As well as text, you can drop pictures or even aliases in notes to make an impromptu launcher. New notes can be created by hovering the cursor at the screen edge, via Applescript, or (my favorite) via OS X Service (e.g. with Quicksilver).

Edgies is $9.99 shareware and a demo is available.

[Via Apple Downloads]

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