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BBC building MMO world for kids


BBC has unveiled plans to launch an online world based on its CBBC property, which is geared toward kids ages 7-12. The venture will focus on safety and responsibility; and in doing so, BBC will forgo chat rooms and the possibility of users altering the game world. CBBC World will not feature the sort of in-game economic structure that has been popularized by games like Second Life.

At least initially, when CBBC World is rolled out this summer, the online world looks to primarily function as an interactive gateway to media; a glorified website. Kids will be able to create and customize their own avatars, and then hit the virtual trails in search of minigames, videos, music, and other CBBC-generated content. There will also be some form of limited content sharing between users, which will likely be moderated by CBBC administrators. Come September, CBBC World will be integrated with a revamped CBBC TV channel, birthing a unique cross-platform effort.

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