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Crush: Sega announces original PSP platform-puzzler


Sega has revealed it will publish UK-based Kuju Brighton's hybrid PSP puzzler Crush. With the push of a button, player's will "crush" (more like flatten) the game's 3D world, transforming the environment into a 2D platformer. This mechanic will be used to complete various puzzles that are otherwise unsolvable in a 3D world. Afterwards, players will "uncrush" the environment and proceed.

Contrary to the implications of the image, Crush will have no affiliation with the soda brand (Sega's just being stingy -- or lazy -- with its screenshots). Instead, the game will tell the story of Dan, an insomniac who's chosen to undergo hypnosis. Crush (the game world and its puzzles) then would appear to be the manifestations of the "wreckage of his past." Let's just hope this seemingly convoluted story doesn't take away from an otherwise interesting gameplay dynamic. Crush is scheduled for release this summer.

[Via press release]

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