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Presumably how you'll play Mortal Kombat on Wii

Blake Snow

Ed Boon, creator of the venerable Mortal Kombat series, talks with Gamespot about the upcoming Wii release of MK: Armageddon while pitching a promotional video of the same. Boon talks motion-controls, a new endurance mode where you see how many fighters you can take down without replenishing your health bar, and what it's like to develop games on Wii. Basically, he says for gamers (himself included) the Wii is a great console, and for developers, it's "very similar to doing games for the GameCube, with the addition of the Wii's controllers." He also notes that the Wii version won't support online play because online components "were not ready" when Midway would have needed them in the development cycle. Bummer. Armageddon hits Wii May 1.

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