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Nokia N95 set for mid-March UK launch date?

Darren Murph

Mmm, launch dates. We can't help but thank our lucky stars a bit for this one, but we'll admit, knowing that we'll have to wait around two extra months to see Nokia's N95 make its way into retail distribution channels is a bit tough to stomach. After finally seeing this mobile get legit, get reviewed, get set back, and get picked up by Doctor Z himself, we're delighted that the blokes (and gals) across the pond won't be waiting too much longer for their own turn. According to MobileToday, the forthcoming Nokia will hit UK users "in the second week of March," and after a fortnight of exclusivity in the UK, it'll then be loosed onto other parts of Europe. Of course, Nokia is mum on the whole deal, so we're not hearing any more juicy details just yet, but hey, knowing how long you've got to save up is reason enough to celebrate, right?

[Via DarlaMack]

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